Hand-painted ceramics

Unique and Special

What makes our Ceramics
unique and special?


Not only the fact that they are hand-painted ceramics piece by piece, but also the special characteristics of the clay used that make them strong, solid, durable, and suitable for use in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

ceramiche dipinte a mano

Design Made in SICILY

All this makes a difference

The ancient traditions, the attention to detail, the search for decorations, the craftsmanship of production, a production cycle that begins and is completed in the island of the sun

Passion for tradition

By choosing our products you can not only share and pass on our passion and tradition, but you will discover unique items that will add a touch of color, style and design to your home.



The characteristic colors we use in both our ceramics and lava stone are strictly non-toxic despite the fact that they remain unchanged over time, thus ensuring maximum safety, respect for the environment and guaranteed durability.

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