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Handmade in Patti, Sicily

Pattese Sicilian Ceramics from the Sicilian city of Patti, also known as the “City of Ceramics.” As early as the 11th century, a centuries-old history of tradition and art for ceramics. Today we are a leading manufacturer of high-quality tableware ceramics in Sicily.

Ceramiche Pattesi is among the best Sicilian cer amics and has nothing to envy the more emblazoned Caltagirone ceramics. More vivid than the ceramics of Caltagirone and less charged than those of Santo Stefano, the colors of Pattese ceramics are distinguished by a particular balance between chromatic intensity and refinement of decorative composition.

Hand-decorated ceramics

Decorations hand-painted by former Caleca decorators who have been handing down the art of decorating for generations, an ancient art that makes each piece unique. Sicily shines through in every detail.

Passion, tradition and design ...

These are the basic concepts of Ceramiche Siciliane Pattesi,

That describe our corporate philosophy and mission statement


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Design Made in Sicily

The hallmark of Pattesi Sicilian Ceramics lies in their ability to combine creative design and meticulous attention to detail in each and every item produced.

This fusion of creativity and precision craftsmanship gives each creation an originality that makes it unrepeatable and unparalleled, enhancing the beauty of Sicilian ceramic traditions in a unique and fascinating way.

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Custom Sicilian ceramics

Custom Sicilian pottery? Upon request you can request your own customization on all our creations: new colors, lines and shapes, even plate lines with a decoration designed by you.


Sicilian ceramics for the table

Ceramiche Siciliane Pattesi is a leading manufacturer of high-quality tableware ceramics in Sicily. This is why many restaurants and chefs around the world use our creations.

teste di moro a candelabri

Moorhead: the legend

The Moor’s Head is a characteristic object of Sicilian tradition. This is a hand-painted ceramic vase used as an ornament depicting the face of a Moor

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