Custom Sicilian ceramics


Custom Sicilian pottery?
You can request your own customization on all of our creations: new colors, lines and shapes, even plate lines with a decoration designed by you.

But it doesn’t end there: you can also brand a line with your logo and distinctive elements.

Many restaurants also from other European countries, such as France and England, have created their own line for custom cooking with us, even with special shapes.

Personalized ceramic favors also for baptisms, communions, confirmations, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and any of your events. Unique hand-painted creations for those who want to give unique works of art as gifts.

Among our many creations for wedding favors, you will find special items such as the wasp, an icon symbolic of made in Italy in the world, useful objects in everyday life such as the coral jewelry box, chocolates holder, picture frames… but we can make your wedding favor idea come true.

And with Christmas approaching, why not add a unique touch to your tree with personalized balls? Balls dedicated to the people you love. A line of balls designed by you and your tree becomes a true artistic creation.

Christmas personalized ceramic balls

Along with great Sicilian craftsmanship and the art of hand-painted decoration come the fine quality of ceramics and firing at nearly 1000 degrees, which guarantees the product’s hardness and durability. Non-toxic and lead-free colors are safe and guaranteed.

Come discover our Decorations Catalog and add your own personal note to your ceramic item!

How about you, what would you like to personalize?



Custom Sicilian ceramics

Custom Sicilian pottery? Upon request you can request your own customization on all our creations: new colors, lines and shapes, even plate lines with a decoration designed by you.


Sicilian ceramics for the table

Ceramiche Siciliane Pattesi is a leading manufacturer of high-quality tableware ceramics in Sicily. This is why many restaurants and chefs around the world use our creations.